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Microsoft appears to be working on an Insider Program for Surface Duo devices. After all, a Surface Duo user has discovered a reference in the Settings menu. The test program does not appear to be active at this time.

According to Gustave Mance, the guy who discovered the reference, there isn’t much to see on the Surface Insider Program list at the moment. In a screenshot of the man There is a reference to the so-called “episodes”. In it, test users will likely be able to indicate how much they’d like the Android experience on their experimental Surface Duo device. According to the man, Microsoft could also make beta functionality available for user testing via the list.

Monce states that the reference to the test program is well hidden and that some action must be performed before it can be seen. According to the man, one such procedure sends the device’s serial number to a Microsoft server, which also checks the number each time the device is turned on. It is not clear whether or not Microsoft will offer an Insider Program for Surface Duo devices.

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