US Motorcycle live on TV

US Motorcycle live on TV

This weekend, Sunday, April 10, the bikes will return to the USA for another MotoGP edition at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Races can be seen in Ziggo Sport (Select) and Ziggo Sport Racing throughout the weekend.

Also check out the full MotoGP 2022 calendar.

Overview times: United States Motorcycle 2022

Friday April 8

  • 4.55 pm: Free practice 1 (Ziggo Sport (select)
  • 9.10 pm: Free Training 2 (Ziggo Sport Racing

Saturday 9th April

  • 4.55 pm: Free practice 3 (Ziggo Sport Racing
  • 8.20 p.m.: Qualifying preview (Ziggo Sport Racing
  • 9.10 pm: Qualifier 1 (Ziggo Sport Racing
  • 9.35 pm: Qualifiers 2 (Ziggo Sport Racing

Sunday 10 April

  • 4.15 pm: Warm-up period
  • 7:40 PM: Race preview (Ziggo Sport (Select), Ziggo Sport Racing
  • 8 pm: a raceZiggo Sport (select)Ziggo Sport Racing

Check here the Ziggo Sport channel and the channel Ziggo Sport Racing can be found at your TV provider.

The United States Motorcycle It can be seen Sunday, April 10 at 8pm on Ziggo Sport (Select) and Ziggo Sport Racing. Free training and qualification sessions can also be viewed starting Friday, April 8th. The summary follows on

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