UFC London |  “I knock out Jordan Levitt in the first round” – Buddy Pemblitt

UFC London | “I knock out Jordan Levitt in the first round” – Buddy Pemblitt

fatty baddie

Pemblett is known for always putting on a lot of weight after his matches due to the calories he eats. He himself came up with the name “Paddy the Fatty”. For example, he once unconsciously consumed from 11 to 12,000 calories a day.

Paddy Pemblett on his stage of “Paddy the Fatty”

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Unknowingly, according to the man from Liverpool. He continued to eat unhealthy things. He will try to contain it, but he cannot promise anything. Two and a half months ago he weighed 205 pounds. Pemblett fights at 145 lbs and had to lose 60 lbs for this fight. Those pounds won’t come off easily, Pemblett says, but hard work and focus will get you far.

Anfield Road

Pemblett’s dream continues to be the main event at Anfield Road, home of his favorite club, Liverpool. Pemblett says he knows people there and it probably won’t be possible until 2024 or 2025.

Anfield Road

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Pemblett predicts that it will happen in 2025 or 2026 and that it will be the main event and will sell out the stadium. Until then, it will be on PPVs in the US.

Not New York

New York’s Madison Square Garden Arena is a beautiful sight, Pemblett says, but he’d prefer to fight elsewhere. This is due to the high tax that has to be paid. He has to watch his money says the guy from Liverpool. So he should take over the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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Virgil Van Dyke

Pemblett was shocked when he pulled out his cell phone the morning after his match against Rodrigo Vargas and saw that Virgil van Dijk and Andy Robertson had tweeted to him. Famous footballers from his favorite club Liverpool knows who he is. He was affected by that. Pemblett hopes they will watch his game again on Saturday.


Pemblitt is proud that Molly McCann, Darren Teal, Tom Aspinall and himself are doing so well in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It has to do with the fact that they train in the best gyms in the UK. Himself and McCann in Next Generation MMA and Till and Aspinall in Team Kaobon.

Molly McCann

To Pemblett, Molly McCann is more than just a friend. He considers her his older sister. They’ve already had some great moments in and out of the UFC.

Pemblett and McCann elation after their win at UFC London

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Both of them have been training together for over ten years. It’s kind of a package deal where there is a Pimplite McCann and vice versa.

opponent Levitt

Levitt’s nickname is “Monkey God”, and Pemblett calls him “Monkey Crab”. Pemblett thinks he’s a fool. At first he had no problem with Levitt until the American said in interviews that he would finish Pemblett. According to Pemblett, he can’t even finish his lunch. He challenges Leavitt to fight him. Pemblett says he is better than Levitt in the all-around and will knock him out in the first round.

Watch UFC London

Eurosport is located at the O2 Arena. The Saturday night preview show starts live from the O2 Arena at 8pm on Eurosport & discovery+ and is hosted by Naseem Al Ahmadi. Perennial analysts Marloes Coenen & Stefan Struve are also present. At 21:00 it’s time for the main card, also on Eurosport & discovery +.


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