Moroccan fans thank the police for their safety after winning the World Cup

Moroccan fans thank the police for their safety after winning the World Cup

FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is very controversial. First of all, an investigation by the US FBI showed that Qatar obtained the World Cup in 2010 through bribery. Moreover, in recent years, during the preparations for the tournament, such as the construction of stadiums and other facilities, human rights have been violated and at least 6,500 migrant workers have died. They came mainly from Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and had to work in unsafe working conditions and extreme heat, Amnesty International stated in a report. According to the human rights organization, the government in Qatar did not conduct a proper investigation into the deaths, and FIFA would have ignored the matter.

Sports wash

According to human rights organizations, Qatar is guilty of the sporting arrangement: using a major tournament to put a country in a good light, while masking misconduct and human rights abuses. In addition to the deaths of migrant workers, the ban on homosexuality is also something that many believe makes Qatar an unsuitable host country. For example, Human Rights Watch came out a few weeks before the World Cup with a report Which shows that over the past three years, LGBT people have been arbitrarily arrested and ill-treated in the country without being charged.

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