Two fishermen rescued from a desert island with the help of a signal on the beach |  RTL News

Two fishermen rescued from a desert island with the help of a signal on the beach | RTL News

The three fishermen were stranded on the tiny Pikelot Atoll, a 31-hectare island that is part of Micronesia. Pikelot is located about 3,000 kilometers north of Australia and the same distance east of the Philippines.

His second cousin was saved

As one man said Message from the US Coast Guard They survived on the island for more than a week. The letter they wrote on the beach was seen by the crew of a plane flying overhead.

Coincidentally, a Coast Guard member participated in the rescue of his second cousin. Because of his background, he was also able to converse with stowaways in their own language.

The men survived by eating coconuts. “The fact that they wrote 'help' on the platform was critical. Otherwise they probably wouldn't have been found,” rescuer Chelsea Garcia said.

It drifted 185 km

The men had drifted off from another island in Micronesia, Pulawat Island. This is approximately 185 kilometers from Pikelot. Their relatives have already reported them missing after they failed to return from a hunting trip. The search for their boat was disrupted due to bad weather conditions.

A US Navy search plane that took off from the Japanese island of Okinawa spotted the signal. A Coast Guard Hercules helicopter was then sent to the island, where food, water and communications were dropped.

said Eugene Haleslius, a member of the Coast Guard who found his relative during the rescue operation v. CNN: “I could tell they were surprised that I spoke their language. It's a crazy world. I even found out one of them was related to me. They couldn't believe it.”

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Four years ago, a similar rescue occurred on the same island, but the stowaways at the time wrote not help, but an SOS on the beach.

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