Turn your Android tablet into a smart home hub

Turn your Android tablet into a smart home hub

Play music, ask for help from the smart assistant, and control all the devices in your home. All of this can be done from your tablet if you use it as a smart home hub. Here you can read how to do it.

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Turn your Android tablet into a Google Pixel Tablet hub

With the Pixel Tablet, Google has put a smart twist on what many consider a relaxation device. In addition to being a useful tablet for reading articles and e-books, watching movies and series, or playing games, the Pixel is also a hub for your smart home.

Do you need to upgrade to this if you already have a tablet? In this Android Tip of Saturday, we help you turn your (old) tablet into the hub of your smart home. You can put it in one central place, or take it throughout the house.

1. Control your smart home

You can use an app to install and operate your smart home. This could be Google Home, but Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings or the more comprehensive Homey app are also very popular. You often install these apps on your smartphone, but by installing them on your tablet, visitors or guests can also control your smart devices from a central location in your home.

Just like the Google Pixel Tablet or Google Nest Hub, you can also enable Google Smart Assistant in the case of Google Home. To do this, go to the Google Assistant app, then Settings and turn on “Hey Google.” Then set up Voice Match and you can now ask the Assistant for help via your tablet.

2. Digital photo frame

When the Google Pixel Tablet or Nest Hub 2 is not in use, they activate the screen saver. This could be a clock, but it is also a photo of a beautiful landscape. You can also choose to set your own photos as a screensaver. Fortunately, you can also do this on your tablet.

To do this, go to the Settings app, find “Display” or “Display settings” and tap “Screen Saver.” Turn on the option and select “Photos”. Then choose which photos you want to display and when. The images will appear once your tablet is charged and the screen turns off automatically.

3. Music via WiFi or Bluetooth

The center of your tablet is also a useful place to play media. This way, everyone can stream songs across Spotify from the same device and you can play music on YouTube without interruption when you tap away from the app, just like on your phone. Connect your tablet to WiFi or Bluetooth speakers in your home and you’re ready to go.

4. Case with attitude

Do you really want to turn your tablet into a central hub? It is best to place it in an easily accessible place in your home. For example in the hallway or in the living room.

To keep the photo frame always visible, place it in a case that keeps the tablet upright. Or use a special tablet stand.

Have you chosen the place? Then connect the tablet to the power adapter. This way your smart home hub is always supplied with power. Remove your device screen lock if you want everyone inside to easily control your media, smart devices, and more. Enjoy your new smart center!

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