Three days off?  Experts cheer him on!

Three days off? Experts cheer him on!

Working five days a week is often seen as standard, Although, in fact, half of the Dutch do not like this anymore. Scientists have taken a hard look at the work week and are now saying yes to the three-day weekend. It has many (health) benefits.

From extensive research Cambridge University It seems The four-day work week has a positive effect on the mental health of employees. In the UK, 61 companies changed their work week from five to four days, while employees were paid similarly. They had to be as productive as they are in five days.

Psychological health

After six months of the four-day work week, it was found that more than 70 percent of employees reported less Burn outklachten to have. Almost 40 percent experienced less stress. Thanks to stress reduction, the study participants felt they could “turn off” work at home. Someone even said that “Sunday evening feeling” GONE AWAY: Feeling gloomy and stressed (Sunday evening, duh) because you have to work again the next day.

Work life balance

Another added effect of an extra day on the weekend is that you have more free time to do all the tasks outside of work. The survey showed that in their free time employees are mainly occupied with household chores – doing shopping and washing windows. As a result, they had more time on Saturday and Sunday to do what they liked, like for cooking to to exercise. Some even take up a new hobby.

Work more productively

“At the start of this study, many wondered if productivity would increase enough to compensate for the decrease in working hours – but that is exactly what we found,” he says. Sociology Professor Brendan Burchill Fan Cambridge University. Many employees wanted to work more efficiently. Long meetings with too many people have been shortened or deleted. Employees were also less inclined to do anything and actively searched for technologies that would improve their productivity.

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The companies argued beyond the shorter meetings and their clear agendas Focus periods to boost productivity. For example, employees were not allowed to disturb each other at certain times and emails were reduced.

Experts encourage three-day weekends

At the end of the study, managers could no longer imagine returning to the five-day workweek. If we ask employees, they are convinced that the four-day work week will be introduced. “A four-day work week means a better work and family life for a lot of people,” Burchill says. Well, we wouldn’t say no to that!

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