“This spoils everything for Linda!”

Everything Linda de Mol has done has turned into gold for years. But the golden years are over. Linda is haunted by mistrust, suspicion and suspicion. The applause gave way to criticism. This is unfortunate, but (in part) her fault.

Linda has been an inspiration to many women for decades. She has achieved incredible success with her TV and magazine work. She earned a lot of money, but she looked “too normal” to the outside world and hated hairdressing. Even though Linda lived an enviable millionaire life, with a Gooische villa, a Porsche on the boardwalk and a country retreat in Portugal, her fans felt like she was one of them. And Linda cherished this photo from the girl next door’s girlfriends.

female breast
Everything I announced and pledged has been met with approval and applause for years. But that time has passed. For example, last week there was a lot of talk about the front page of her magazine. Topless celebrities appear on the cover of LINDA to “normalize” women’s breasts. A storm of criticism erupted. The celebrities involved are beautiful and very skinny and thus not representative and comprehensive enough, or so it seems. It’s the second time LINDA has tripped over the lid. At the end of last year, Linda received a lot of criticism on her front page “What a year.”

The reason, then, was the folded cap on which Edsilia Rombley could not be seen from the front, but from the inside. Publicist Janice Deol grumbled at the time: “It’s common for people of color to be in the back or somewhere less prominent. LINDA Magazine is guilty of this too.” Painful reproach, because Linda seemed to want to lead the way in social developments.

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cross border
In fact, it looks like Linda wants to emulate talk show queen Oprah Winfrey. It’s not for nothing that she got her inspiration for LINDA magazine from O, Oprah’s magazine ten years ago. But while Oprah’s name was included on Time magazine’s list of “100 Most Influential People” just this spring, Linda’s image is falling apart. The transnational behavior of (now ex-partner?) Jeroen Rietbergen undoubtedly plays a major role in this.

Many suspect that Linda was unaware of Jeroen’s trespassing behavior (the photo shows bed bugs jumping from one Gooische mattress to another without being asked). Jeroen, according to gossip queen Yvonne Coldvier and Story Weekly, would still be welcome in her villa, and Linda’s most touched fans wouldn’t understand her. But Linda has every right to make her own decisions. Even if her fans know themselves less and less and stay away from her.

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