This is the most unusual scene from B&B Full of Love ever!  |  TV thermometer

This is the most unusual scene from B&B Full of Love ever! | TV thermometer

As this software gem is coming to an end – just a week later! Black hole! The annoyance is only getting worse. And of course I’m referring to the shooting party in Portugal with Martin. My God! I didn’t know where to look because I watched this embarrassing scene from the sofa. This is by far the most unusual scene. Ever. Even on Temptation Island, they could still soak up a campfire.

knot in her stomach

But at the same time, that’s of course exactly what makes this love-filled B&B such a success. It all comes together here: discomfort, love, sadness, and an (excess) dose of indirect shame. Martin tells house guest Suus that he is in love. But not on her. He loves us. You know, that girl from Bonaire who hasn’t been in Europe for 24 hours. And that’s the topic of conversation right next to him! What time is this, Martin?! You can see from everything Fenna thinks: Hey, we didn’t agree on this. And the poor girl doesn’t know how fast she can get away from the campfire. I was also clearly shocked by the word “in love” only two days later! In short: Martin has butterflies in his stomach and Fina has a knot in her stomach.

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Martijn will get his parents and brother involved! Because if Martin is in love, so are his parents. Of course, the handkerchiefs cannot be pulled out again, because the locks open for the thousandth time. But this time apparently with tears of joy and suddenly they congratulate their son and us! Congrats ?! But what?!

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horror history

Meanwhile, in southern Spain, the same awkward scene appears in the same week when Dennis goes on a date with Ben. One awkward silence falls one after another on this horror date, but Ben manages to say “I had such a good time with you” six times without sarcasm. This poor guy just wants so much. When he then wants to grab her hands with a magnetic excuse at the end of the date, Dennis shuts down. And it was, in fact, an ‘open book’. For weeks I thought Gym Dave was intimidating with his smile, but Ben is on top of everything tonight. “Run, Dennis, run!” I would scream at TV, but for the first time she’s not wearing her tracksuit. Unfortunately.

The next morning, Ben was allowed to pack his bags and flee the country by himself. And “I’m a little blue-Ben” was promptly replaced by Sven. With his egos, this newcomer seems to have a chance with Dennis all of a sudden, because Dave Gym wants to throw in the towel. laugh? what?! Fifteen days later, he suddenly no longer felt any attraction. Maybe he should have added the Intimacy Chest on his magnetic board after all. Too bad, a missed opportunity.

performance interview

With Natasja in France, it seems there is no love left on the show, or she and Menno suddenly have to do a final race together. (I hope he doesn’t hit the wall!) But with Jean it won’t work out anyway. By the way, when we finally got rid of Dirk, we got January. He puts in less effort than his lazy predecessor. And when Natasja indicated in a performance interview that they really need to get to know each other better, that penny doesn’t seem to come down. It actually works the other way around.

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Suddenly Jean doesn’t want ice cream. Even Yan refuses to appear at the table during dinner. When I think for a moment he’s packing his bag – finally! He lies in bed and plans a date for the next day. Then Jean got into a fight with Mino. Mino is always cheerful and cheerful. If you have this against you, something is really wrong.

wine box

Meanwhile, Mino thinks he and Natasga already have a relationship, because the collaboration is going well. Well, dear Mino, it’s time to ditch the cola. Because as long as you don’t drink a bottle of wine a day, it obviously won’t be a thing. I only wish for Natasha that a fifth man would drive her yard next week…with a big can of wine in the trunk, to drink all the misery away and because of her own stock, she may have long since vanished.

more women

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