The popular “Football Manager” show is on Netflix starting November 6

The popular “Football Manager” show is on Netflix starting November 6

The mobile version of the PC game “Football Manager” will be offered by Netflix Games starting November 6

the game Football managerformerly known as Tournament Director It’s incredibly popular and we usually don’t pay attention to it at Serietotaal. However, there is something special happening. A new version of the beloved game will soon be available exclusively on Netflix Games.

Since the original release of Football Manager 2005 The game has become an annual tradition. to Football Manager 2024 This anniversary marks the 20th edition of the popular football management game.

the game

As a manager of a football team, you are tasked with buying players and training them to build a top-class team. You can choose from all active football teams and football players at the moment.

Portable version of Football Manager 2024 It will be available exclusively via Netflix Games starting November 6, 2023

Netflix games

Netflix introduced Netflix Games at the end of 2021, a platform that gives subscribers to the streaming service access to a range of games. These games include titles inspired by Netflix original series and movies, among other options.

The match will be held on Monday, November 6 Football Manager 2024 Wide launch on PC, console and mobile platforms. Football Manager 2024 The mobile will be available for download on both the App Store and Google Play, but access to the game is limited to those with a valid Netflix account.

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