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onsProat: clear display – Maarkelsnieuws.nl Maarkelsnieuws.nl

It happened again last Saturday, and the windows had to be cleaned. For me, this is sometimes the last part of the budget, but now it had to happen. Whole families of insects made a healthy stop there, and the rain left its mark on the glass. Interior and exterior glass in one round of course, because it was Saturday and there was room for that in terms of time. While preparing, it occurred to me again that there were some flaws in the stairs, and almost all of the feet were missing. The last few times, I’ve had to do some stunts to at least stay on the stairs, and sometimes even land on the grass or street with a less graceful fall.

My husband was a lifesaver in this emergency and volunteered to get new feet installed immediately. In the meantime, I could actually start with the windows I could reach with my modest height. Good cooperation and efficient arrangement. After it was done, literally and figuratively, I sat down for a moment to enjoy the beautiful view, which was now a clear view. Colors appear brighter again and you can see everything better.

Our dog is also a fan of a great view, she prefers to lie in front of the window and look out at everything and keep a close eye on what is happening. The fact that she gets the glass dirty again instantly with her long nose is a bit less, but yes, she enjoys it there and has a good view. However, we had a clear vision again on Saturday, partly due to good cooperation and a staircase that was firmly established on its foundation.

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House of Representatives elections are scheduled to be held soon. Perhaps the most important election I have ever witnessed in my life. A lot of windows have to be cleaned in The Hague, because (and this is my personal feeling) I no longer have a clear view of the whole thing. It is no longer transparent. Things are regularly different from what appeared at the beginning, whether it is Groningen, the benefits issue, and last but not least, our farmers and many other matters that are not transparent as well. In short, the glass is very dirty. I talk to a lot of people who feel the same way about our government and I always hear the same sigh: “What should we do with it, what should we vote for?” This is of course everyone’s personal decision, but if you do what I did, you will get what you got. Kind of like “old wine in new bottles”?

In my humble opinion, our national government needs some serious cleaning. New brooms and/or other cleaning brooms, and maybe even a few “quick brooms.” Then a good staircase with strong feet, a bucket of water, a decent sponge and chamois, and a pair of hands with their sleeves rolled up. A home garden and a very simple kitchen and then off to work. Common sense, not making things too complicated, good collaboration on a solid foundation and making sure it gets done in your kitchen first.

Well, for me, it will be about doing some good research, thinking about what I have a good feeling about and then of course I will vote on November 22nd, which is of course a great right, which we sometimes forget, but for me it is also a duty. After that, I hope that there will again be a clear vision and foresight in The Hague, and that the residents will once again have a clear vision and prospects for a good future. And if it doesn’t work out with all those windows in The Hague, I’d like to come sometime with a few people to clean a few windows (only windows!) and then we’ll immediately take with us some of the “windows” of the new national government.

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Have a nice Sunday and see you next time!



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