The Open Golf: Watch Live on TV and Online |  Main

The Open Golf: Watch Live on TV and Online | Main

In addition to the Masters Championship, the PGA Championship, and the US Open, many people are looking forward to the fourth major golf tournament of the year. These duels are among the most important competitions in the world of golf and are followed by many. So sports fans are wondering how they can watch all the matches in golf During the day The Open on TV and watch online can on July 20-23, 2023. In this article, we indicate if this tournament can be viewed on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, discovery +, Disney +, HBO Max, NLZIET, Videoland, Viaplay at the time of writing or if it is broadcast on video post on request. possible is. You can also read about any TV channel that also shows the golf tournament.

Where can you watch major golf tournament ‘The Open’ (July 20-23, 2023) online?

There are quite a few live streaming services in the Netherlands, and sports broadcasts have also been shown there, as well as movies and series for several years. This also applies to major golf competitions. Below you’ll find exactly how to stream the major golf tournament open For every video service in the Netherlands.

Ziggo Sports ➡️ See straight open Via Ziggo Sport. In addition to the broadcast rights to the British Championship, the orange provider also owns the rights to the other two major golf tournaments, the European DP World Tour, the US PGA Tour, the Dutch Open and the Battle of the Ryder Cup in September. This channel is also available additionally through other service providers such as KPNAnd T-Mobile in digital channel.
Viaplay Although Viaplay recently acquired the Dutch broadcast rights to the US Open from Ziggo, The Open was not included in the show.
⛔️ Amazon Prime Video Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service, doesn’t currently offer sports subscriptions per se.
⛔️ Disney + The Disney Video Service also does not have an option to watch sports such as golf at the time of writing.
⛔️ HBO Max The other video service from Warner Bros. Discovery next to Discovery+ is called HBO Max, but there is currently no sports to watch here in the Netherlands.
⛔️ Netflix With Netflix, watching golf or other sports is not possible.
⛔️ videoland With Videoland, RTL sometimes has the option to offer sports broadcasts, but not golf at the moment.

A TV channel broadcasting golf during the 2023 tournament

Sports fans can visit during The Open 2023 Ziggo Sports. On the Golf Channel, provider Orange broadcasts pictures of the British Championship all weekend. In addition to this tournament, this service included several golf competitions in its offering. For example, Ziggo Sport has acquired exclusive broadcast rights for three years to all European DP World Tour tournaments and you can watch all matches from the PGA Tour live. In addition to The Open, two other major golf tournaments are also hosted, including The Masters and the PGA Championship. You can also come here at the end of September for an exciting battle for the Ryder Cup. Major golf tournaments in the United States can only be seen through the Viaplay streaming service.

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Tournament information

The Open Championship, also known as The Open, is considered by many to be the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. The competition was first organized in 1860, with which it is directly related The oldest golf tournament He is. Matches originally took place at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland, but the tournament is now moving to various golf courses in the UK. This year for example there will be battles at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club in the city of the same name, Liverpool.

a race open
sports golf
predicate From Thursday 20 July to Sunday 23 June 2023
location Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Liverpool, UK

  • Can you watch major golf tournament ‘The Open’ on TV July 20-23, 2023?

    Yes, you can watch this golf tournament broadcast live via Ziggo Sport from Thursday to Sunday July 20-23, 2023.

  • Are there streaming services in the Netherlands broadcasting a wave of The Open?

    Yes, there are streaming services that show golf sports on their show. This also includes The Open this year. In the table in this article you will find exactly the video that is included on the demand platforms.

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