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The New York Times unveiled the WordleBot on Thursday. The bot aims to help Wordle players get better at the word game. In addition, it compares the results of the players with each other, for example how quickly they reach the answer.

The project started after NYT purchased Wordle. The paper was curious to know which word you could start with best in order to quickly arrive at the correct answer. “It seemed like a simple math question, but everyone who dealt with the problem seemed to come up with a different answer. WordleBot started out as an attempt to answer that question once and for all, but along the way we realized that the answer was more complex than in addition, we were interested More by how well our guesses match the words chosen by WordleBot to solve the puzzle.”

How exactly does the robot work? “Each Wordle game begins with one of 2,309 possible solutions as the hidden word. On each turn, WordleBot chooses the word that allows the game to be completed in the fewest possible number of steps, assuming that each of the remaining solutions are of equal probability. This will continue the Wordlebot until there remains a solution Only one: the correct answer “, writes the New York Times

Before WordleBot can determine how good your Wordle skills are, you must first play the last round of the daily game or upload a screenshot from a previous Wordle game. When you do, analyze robot Your final game. It also checks the word choices you made and how fast you can guess the answer. Based on this, you will be given three scores: for your skill, for guess work, and for the number of attempts you made before you got the correct answer.

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WordleBot shows how each player’s score compares to the others. This way you can check how difficult or easy today’s match will be. You will also receive feedback from the bot. For example, he explains which words he prefers to choose to find the correct answer faster next time.

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