“The Meilandjes should move or renovate, but not interview celebrities” |  RTL Street

“The Meilandjes should move or renovate, but not interview celebrities” | RTL Street

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“In a way it reassured me that there might be less script in Meiland's show than I thought.”

The Millands have proven that interviewing is a calling Chateau Meyland VIPS. And it became painfully clear that it's a profession they're not good at over the past eight weeks on Monday night on SBS6. Week after week, the jovial family welcomed two famous Dutch people to their guest house in Noordwijk, but there were little or no high-profile conversations.

I found the most painful example in the episode in which Birgitte Lewis and Gordon were guests. There, Familias' mother Erica asked her daughter Maxime what she wanted to know from Birgitte. Then she casually replied that she would like to know how old Birgitte was. I was so surprised by this comment that I don't really know how to put it into words here. Because what an answer. It somehow reassured me that there might be less text in Meiland's show than I thought. Otherwise, hopefully you as a maker will say, “Oh my God, Maxim.” Let's do this again.

After this comment from Maxime, Erica shared that she would like to know how Birgitte lost so much weight. Not original either, but hey, better question. But the joke is that she doesn't ask the singer about it at all. Shoot me.

The Meilandjes also appear to be barely able to read. This was already shown in the first episode, when they didn't know that John the Beaver had hearing problems. As a result, all conversations remain somewhat on the surface. So it is with Gordon about his turbulent love life, with Patti Brard about plastic surgery and in Monday night's finale with Miljoshka Fitzenhausen about food and weight, leading to recurring conversations we've seen many times before.

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I understand that people enjoy watching Martien, Erica, Maxime and Montana. They are also clever in their own way sometimes, if you haven't been bothered by the constant hysterical screaming yet. It's also good to clear your mind and laugh with the family. This is also reflected in the viewing figures, as it still attracts an audience in the millions. But the Meilandjes have to do what their strength lies. Let them renovate a house or move, but not this. Other people can do a better job of interviewing.

And it seems the Milland family will also stick to their own rules, because last month it was revealed that Martine and Erika had put their villa up for sale after just three years. This also means that they will be looking for a new home and this is of course food for a new season Chateau Meyland. Let's hope they don't invite celebrities to come and help.

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