Maxima Series: This is what you need to know about the series

Maxima Series: This is what you need to know about the series

The series about the life of young Maxima premiered last night in Tuscinski, Amsterdam. Blauw Bloed was also present and was allowed to watch the first two episodes. This is what you need to know about the drama series.

Main characters

The most important role is assigned to Argentine actress Delfina Chavez. She plays the young queen Máxima. To delve into the role of the queen, Chavez had to master the Dutch language. Dutch actor Martin Lakmeier has the honor of playing the young Prince of Orange, Willem-Alexander. He calls the story of Willem-Alexander and Máxima “one of thousands.” “We are lucky to have them as our King and Queen,” the actor said when announcing the 2023 cast. “Not every country has a royal couple with such a special story.”

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Martijn Lakemeier and Delfina Chaves at the series premiere in Amsterdam.

Princess Beatrix, who is still queen in the series, and Prince Claus also appear in the series. Actress Elsie de Brauw plays the role of Beatrix, and German actor Sebastian Koch plays the role of Prince Claus in the series. You can read more about these actors here.

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Máxima and Queen Beatrix walking in a park in the Máxima series.

the plot

The six-part Máxima series is inspired by The Motherland: The Young Years of Máxima Zorreguieta by Marcia Luyten, which was published in November 2021. The series, like the book, revolves around the Dutch Queen's younger years in her native Argentina, her time in New York and the period when she met… In which Willem-Alexander left for the Netherlands.

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Maxima New York Young

Maxima in New York in the late 1990s.

International attention

The series previously had its world premiere in Cannes, and that's not just a thing. The series has also been sold to several international film companies, including Croatia's HRT and Latin American streaming platform Max. It was announced this morning that a second season of the series will also be produced.

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Watch the trailer

Curious about this series? The trailer gives you a sneak peek.

Photos: AAP/Videoland

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