The phone number in the Fallout TV series gives a dark message and perhaps hints at the news

The phone number in the Fallout TV series gives a dark message and perhaps hints at the news

Amazon's Fallout TV series is getting a lot of attention these days, and rightly so. The series has received a lot of praise and keeps fans entertained, thanks in part to the countless Easter eggs it contains. One notable Easter egg has to do with a phone number.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Fallout TV series

Episode 6 of the Fallout TV series features a commercial presented by Cooper Howard, played by Walter Goggins. During the commercial, a phone number also appears on screen, along with the phrase “Call Now!” communicate.

It turns out that you can actually call the number in question (213-25-VAULT), which is what many fans have already done. They seem to hear the screams of a man being tortured.

It's not clear if the shouting means anything, but apart from that, you can also send a message to the number and you will then receive a message in which Vault-Tec thanks you for contacting them. Then it says the “next appointment” is available in “33 weeks.”

The word “33 weeks” may be a reference to Vault 33, the Vault that Lucy, the main character of the series, comes from, but fans are speculating that something might happen within 33 weeks. News about the second season of the series Valo? Something about a new game?

In any case, the fans are surprised and it is exciting to wait and see if the message will gradually change, for example by effectively counting down until the end of those 33 weeks, which should fall at the end of November or the beginning of December. Of course it could also be nothing, but then we managed to keep ourselves busy for a while.

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