Very good news for NCIS fans.

Very good news for NCIS fans.

Very good news for my fans

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Very good news for NCIS fans

Three strings in NCISThe CBS franchise has been renewed for another new season. Good news for viewers and fans of the series!

It’s about the series NCISNCIS: Hawaii And the NCIS: Los AngelesAnd all of them are ready to release a new batch of episodes in the 2022-2023 season on TV.

NCIS Still popular

Series NCIS It remains extremely popular, averaging 11.11 million viewers per episode. In fact, it is the most watched series in the United States this season. That’s while the series debuted in September 2003. So people continue to love it.

crossover NCIS: Hawaii It attracts an average of 8.29 million viewers per episode and also knows how to score well. NCIS: Los Angeles It attracts 7.27 million per episode on average and is heading towards its 14th season.

These are great numbers for NCISFranchise, as confirmed by Kelly Cale, president of CBS Entertainment.

“NCIS is one of the most popular series in the world. A fan favorite series NCIS: Los Angeles has been a huge hit on CBS over the past few years, and a strong plus for NCIS: Hawai’i has allowed us to make a lasting power franchise.”

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