The Google Play Store will receive privacy stickers from 2022 – Computer – News

If you’re wondering “why all of a sudden like those privacy flags”, there’s a reason for that.

The “new” European Privacy Law (AVG) primarily states that citizens should be able to acquire more knowledge degrees. At the moment you only have two options: click “I agree,” or read the endless privacy policy. The European Union believes that there should be something in between.

In the same legislation, the European Union itself also built an option to implement something like “privacy codes” at a later time. They even took their own steps back then, with pretty ugly icons in my opinion. Here is one Example.

For two years I have been working with a number of Dutch parties on a Dutch initiative (not-for-profit and open source), It started as a project where we wanted to develop those icons for the European Union, but we soon realized that it was not going to work well, and it became a complete sign.

When Apple launched its brand, we were surprised in a number of ways: their approach is very similar to ours, right up to the “ingredient list” metaphor.

Our project will be officially launched this year. By the way, we are still looking for people to meet User tests Want to participate, and for parties who want to integrate the label in their projects / websites.

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