The Facebook office will become a vaccination site

The Facebook office will become a vaccination site

Landing on the other side of the ocean in our country seems to be the most common thing in the world, no matter what. Vaccinate in ‘unusual’ places such as supermarkets and office buildings. Part of Facebook’s headquarters in the United States will be the vaccination site.

The United States wants to get vaccinated as soon as possible

In some US states (for example, Texas) hundreds of thousands of injections are taken every day. The government wants to vaccinate as soon as possible to reopen the community. Facebook is now contributing to that process. Part of the headquarters in Menlo Park, California, has been converted into a vaccination site. With this, the social media company hopes to expedite vaccinations.

The company works with the Ravenswood Family Health Center. On Twitter, Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook said: “We have partnered with non – profit organizations in California to support other pop-up clinics. We hope to help vaccinate up to 10,000 people, especially those most affected by COVID.”

Facebook is committed to the vaccine program

Earlier this year, the social media company decided to launch a tool to provide people in the United States with information on where to get COVID-19 vaccines and added the COVID-19 information section to the Instagram photo sharing site.

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