Incident at the nuclear complex has repercussions for the new deal: 'The urgency is now gone'

Incident at the nuclear complex has repercussions for the new deal: ‘The urgency is now gone’

Iranian expert Ali Vass added that “everything indicates” that the disruption was caused by Israel’s sabotage operation. “Every country has a vested interest in persuading Iran to withdraw from the negotiations,” Wise said News time. “Or to make a mistake, it’s very difficult to reach an agreement with Pitton for revenge.”

Weiss hopes that retaliation will derail the talks and lead to further sanctions against Iran and increase the likelihood of war. No retaliation seems weak, but he thinks Iran will at least wait until an agreement is reached. “This is a country known for its patience.”

However, Iran’s negotiating position has weakened significantly in the short term. “The room for a compromise is now small for the Iranians because it is now considered weak.”


Israel has not participated in the talks and has lost a key ally since Donald Trump left the White House. Colris, however, says President Biden cannot ignore the Israelis after the attack. “In that sense, it is possible Israel has a strong influence on a strategic level.”

Most importantly, Iran has a weak defense and thus a weak negotiating position. According to his own calculations, Coleris says the country has lost half of its centrifuges to enrich the uranium needed for nuclear weapons. According to US intelligence sources, this is an Iranian nuclear program Nine months Put it back.

“It also reduces the urgency of concluding a contract quickly,” Coleris said. There are elections in Iran in July. “If a hardliner comes to power, the talks will be very difficult,” Washington said.

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