The end of the successful succession series is inevitable: ‘I cherish the memories’ |  Displays

The end of the successful succession series is inevitable: ‘I cherish the memories’ | Displays

reviewFans can enjoy the hit series for another season Succession, one of the most award-winning drama series in recent years. Farewells beginning on March 27th will be difficult. As with the main characters.

Actress Sarah Snook, who plays the daughter of media mogul Logan Roy (Brian Cox), had to shed a tear when she tried to celebrate the series finale with her colleagues at a party. It was dreary, but also warm and grateful for what we had achieved in the past seven years. Highlight barbecue It was a compilation of bloopers everyone had made over the years. That was funny.”

for whom Succession Little Known: Everything revolves around the extremely wealthy Roy family who own a large media and entertainment conglomerate. The reins are in the hands of Father Logan who rules with an iron fist, but must always be wary of the ambitions of his four sons who would rather put him aside today than tomorrow. Hatred, envy, suspicion, deception, intimidation and dirty tricks are common.

The dialogues were sharp, the humor mostly somber, and the performances earned the cast several awards. But what is the secret of the series, which is so popular all over the world?

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Sarah Snoke, who plays the only daughter Siobhan (Chev’s nickname), tries to explain. Of course, no viewer could identify with the enormous wealth of this family. However, many realize themselves in the mutual struggle. I’ve spoken to a number of viewers who have identified themselves in me because they’ve experienced the same kind, overbearing father, that I’ve experienced. While these people came from an ordinary environment. I think this is the reason Succession Lots of people in different countries.”

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Not much can be said about last season. It can be concluded from the first episode that the children unite again to outwit their father, who, despite his ill health, still doesn’t want to mess around financially. But the question is, of course, how honest the children are with each other and whether they are gradually choosing their own interests again.

chance it Succession Somehow, having a fifth life rules out Sarah Snoke. Perhaps spinoffs (a spinoff series based on one of the main characters) could be an option. She dare not comment on that. “I don’t know if my character qualifies for that. Right now, I cherish my memories and hope that one day I can play in a series of this caliber again.”

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