Tennis player “Mulerider” Sander Jans is back from Roden, and how: he takes the win in his first NRT for the GLTB.  Amber Malderink wins the women’s competition.  gravel problem

Tennis player “Mulerider” Sander Jans is back from Roden, and how: he takes the win in his first NRT for the GLTB. Amber Malderink wins the women’s competition. gravel problem

Returning after five years of tennis in the United States: Sander Jans. He won the first edition of the National Ranking Tournament (NRT) for the two-star GLTB. TAM player Amber Maalderink set it up with the women.

Jans returned in May of this year from Magnolia, Arkansas, where he spent the last two years of his American studies. He played tennis for Southern Arkansas University, also known as the Mule Riders, a three hour drive from Dallas, Texas. De Rodenaar, now 26, is one of several strong tennis players in the Netherlands who combine a year or more of study and tennis into an American player. college .


highlight it there? Jans doesn’t have to think long. The Patriots were the finalists of the National Championship College tennis , which the top 16 teams in the entire United States qualified for. So we belonged to the top 16, but in the second division, the second level. We went out in the first round of the national team, but it was an unforgettable experience.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration there, and from now on Jans will settle permanently in the Netherlands again. Tennis remains his main activity at the moment. Jans was once among the top 20 tennis players in the Netherlands, as does his younger brother Jarno (he is 10th) and Sander would like to regain that position. , Because of America, I no longer have a high ranking in Holland, but I don’t think my tennis has deteriorated. I spent a lot of time on the track there, although I also had some serious injuries to my wrists and elbows. But they are gone again, I can be full again.

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Saab against Frisian talent

This became evident in the final, which had Jans off to a rocky start against Kjell de Hek, the 19-year-old talent from Buitenpost. De Heck shines: last week he also reached a finalist in a two-star NRT, the TAM Final in Groningen. Edward Etty of Horn was too strong for him.

Jans had all the trouble with the young Frisian in Group A in a match where both players alternated bland winners with needless warnings. De Heck won the first set 6-3. But Yan’s routine was the deciding factor. In the second set, the Rudd native kept his cool and won 6-4. The third lasted a long time. At 4-3, Jan broke De Hek’s serve and managed to serve: 3-6, 6-4, 6-3. Jans also won in doubles, along with fellow Drent Robin Great. The duo from Drenthe beat Boas Diden and Jock Jean Schap (6-4 .7-6).

Malderink wins her third NRT Award

Amber Malderink (23) won the women’s race. After winning her own TAM Championship last week and last year’s Veracket, this means her third ever NRT win. The Achterhoek native, who grew up in Zellheim and is 52nd in the Dutch rankings, was defeated by Anouk Bruijmbom of Utrecht, who was a semi-finalist in Tam last week.

With a two-time 6-2, Malderink was far too strong for the 19-year-old, who just returned from the United States. “I had trouble with gravel,” said Malderink, who is in her fifth year at TAM and hopes to complete a degree in Human Movement Science soon. , I’m so used to smashing the field, that those balls bounce way too high for me here. But the times when I was going through hard times, I started to make some mistakes.”

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