Survive the stabbing!  New martial arts or stop here?

Survive the stabbing! New martial arts or stop here?

Who survives stabbing!  New martial arts or stop here?

Former WWE star turned neuroscientist Chris Nowinski wonders what extreme martial arts will be developed next. The American makes his statement after watching Power Slap.

There are a lot of criticisms about Power Slack League Series from UFC President Dana White. Aside from the controversy surrounding the UFC boss not facing repercussions, at least publicly, for hitting his wife on New Year’s Eve in Mexico, many have questioned the safety and legality of slap fights as a sport.

An American neuroscientist wonders if the Power Slap League contestant will stay the same after a devastating KO loss. Those watching the debut of Power Slap League on TBS witnessed a chilling KO as Chris Kennedy received a brutal slap on the cheek and fell to the ground.

This indicates a brain injury

“This is distressing. Note the posture that indicates the initial response to brain injury,” Nowinski wrote. “It may never be the same again. Dana White and TBS should be ashamed of themselves. Pure exploitation. What follows next As an extreme sport, who survives a stabbing?”

While this kind of criticism after someone has been knocked out isn’t uncommon in the world of boxing or MMA, not being able to stand up for yourself as a power slap contestant has drawn a lot of criticism. Collect and not complain seems to be the motto here.

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