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Spotify is still working on AirPlay 2 support for its iOS app. The company announced this in response to a recent post on the Spotify forum, where a staff member stated that development has been halted for the time being.

in status update In the Spotify forum He told an employee earlier this week that development of AirPlay2 support for the iOS app has been halted. “We are having compatibility issues with the audio driver,” the employee said. “It looks like this is going to be a bigger project and we won’t be able to solve this for the foreseeable future,” the employee said.

However, the company now the edge Know that the company still wants to add AirPlay 2 support to its iOS app. “A post on a Spotify community page contained incomplete information about our plans for AirPlay 2. Spotify will support AirPlay 2 and we are working to make that a reality,” the company said in its statement.

Spotify for iOS supports the first version of the AirPlay protocol. According to users, this can cause a delay of several seconds when the route is paused or the user is quickly redirected. AirPlay 2 was introduced in 2018 along with iOS 11.4. Thanks to this new protocol, music tracks are better stored, multiple compatible devices can control the AirPlay device and it is possible to play music on several supported devices simultaneously.

Saturday update: Spotify late the edge Be aware that the company is still working on adding AirPlay 2 support to its iOS app. The article has been adapted accordingly.

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