Sports court hears case against rival Orange Ecuador this week

Sports court hears case against rival Orange Ecuador this week

Just over two weeks before the World Cup kicks off, the International Court of Sports is hearing a case brought against Ecuador by the Chilean and Peruvian football federations. Chile and Peru are battling in CAS for the participation of Ecuador in the World Cup, which is one of the opponents of the Dutch national team in Group A. The case will be considered this weekend; The Sports Court has allocated two days for this.

The Chilean and Peruvian football federations went to the Court of Arbitration for Sport at the end of September because they did not agree with FIFA’s decision in the Byron Castillo case.

This defender participated in the World Cup qualifiers with Ecuador, but according to the Chilean federation, it was illegal. Chile claims that documents show that Castillo was born in Colombia in 1995 and not, as stated in its official documents, in 1998 in a city in Ecuador. However, FIFA rejected protests from Chile as well as from Peru.

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Ecuador finished fourth in the South American Qualifiers and qualified directly for the World Finals in Qatar. Peru finished fifth and then lost to Australia in an intercontinental playoff for a World Cup ticket. Chile ranked seventh.

Ecuador will play the opening match of the World Cup against Qatar on November 20, unless the Court of Arbitration for Sport takes a stunning turn in the matter shortly before the start of the tournament.


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