Will Jeep have to bid farewell to the Cherokee?

Will Jeep have to bid farewell to the Cherokee?

Jeep has been using the Cherokee type name since 1974, but if it were up to the Cherokee Nation (a recognized tribe in the US), their tribe name would not soon be used by the automaker.

The Cherokee Nation seizes this opportunity at a time when, among other things, “companies and team sports have stopped using Native American names, images, and mascots for their products, team shirts, and sports in general.” Chuck Hoskin Jr., president of the Cherokee Nation, said in a written statement: “The name comes from A well-intentioned place, but we are not honored to have our name on the side of the car. ” Car And driver running.

Five generations of Cherokee

The name has been shining on Jeep products for 45 years. Many generations were launched in that period. There are two product lines: Cherokee and Grand Cherokee (since 1993). One version was delivered in America itself as Liberty, while Cherokee was used in Europe. The American automaker will soon release a new version of the Grand Cherokee. This model has been the best-selling 4 × 4 Professional for years. The younger sibling is the third best-selling model in the Jeep family.

The new Jeep Cherokee L offers even more luxury and a third row of seats


Jeep said in a statement that it indicates that its product names have been chosen “with care” and “appreciation over the years to honor and respect Native Americans for their nobility, competence and pride.” “We are more committed than ever to a respectful and open dialogue with Chuck Hoskin, Jr., captain of the Cherokee Nation.”

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the 717 pk sterke hyper-SUV

Jeep Cherokee
1976 Jeep Cherokee

Not discuss

Hoskin sees no reason why Jeb should not change the name. He found it unacceptable for the car manufacturer to use the model name. “The name is one of the most valuable things. It is part of our identity,” he told CNN Business. “Given who has the strongest claim, relationship, and affinity in the name of the Cherokee, they will definitely be the Cherokee.”

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Jeep Cherokee


It remains to be seen whether Jeep will change the name of the popular SUV. Other parties have opted for an amendment after complaints have been submitted. For example, Washington Redskins FC changed its name to Washington Football Team. The Cleveland Indians baseball team recently announced that it will change its name and logo. Brand Butter Land O ‘Lakes removed a picture of a Native American woman from the label and (Food Manufacturer) name changed to Uncle Ben’s Originals.

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Will Jeep have to bid farewell to the Cherokee?

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