Sixth gymnasts temporarily in the World Cup Liverpool, final chances Naomi Visser and Sanna Firman |  other sports

Sixth gymnasts temporarily in the World Cup Liverpool, final chances Naomi Visser and Sanna Firman | other sports

After seven out of a total of ten sub-sections, Dutch gymnasts are sixth in the country’s rankings at the World Gymnastics Cup in Liverpool. Ethora Thorsdottir, Naomi Visser, Tisha Vollman, Sana Firman and Eve de Ruyter totaled 159,396 points. The top eight nations qualify for the country finals.

Visser was the best overall player in the Netherlands with 54,165 points. With this score, she also has a high probability of getting a place in the all-around final. Follmann also has a final view on All About (52.333). Visser can also hope for one last place on the bridge (14,400) and land (13,666). The same applies to Firman anne Brugg (14533).

The Netherlands had a strong start on the bridge in Liverpool, with outliers from Visser and Veerman, who are currently fifth and sixth on this machine. The team suffered falls from both Thorsdottir and De Ruiter on the crossbar and the ground. National head coach Jeroen Jacobs finished the lane around the four machines with a powerful jump.

Ethora Thorsdottir. © AFP

The standings in the Nations Cup is led temporarily by defending champions America. This team converted their first subdivision 167,263 points together, five points ahead of Japan (162.064). American Shilese Jones ranks first worldwide with 55,766 points.

Orange gymnasts do not know the value of their performance until about midnight, after all the participants have taken their turn. Three other subdivisions followed, including European champions Italy. Great Britain, which won the bronze medal in the Nations Cup at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, is the gymnast in the 10th and final division.

National coach Jacobs reaction

“I saw a great start, which was really great,” said National Coach Jacobs of the start at the bridge. , then, ecstasy might have a little upper hand,’ he explained the errors on rails and beams. There are still a number of strong nations to come, which makes the team’s final look difficult. But for the future, this result definitely provides a perspective to compete with the top eight again.”

In Liverpool, the top eight teams qualify for the country final. Top 24 gymnasts in all-around progression to the all-around final. The top eight qualify for the finals of the device. In all finals, a maximum of two gymnasts may compete per country. It was the Dutch men’s turn on Monday.

When it comes to her ultimate chances at the World Gymnastics Championships, Naomi Visser remains cautious. “I think everything is absolutely certain, but for the bridge and the ground it would be really exciting,” she said. “There are still some really good countries to come. Anyway, I am very happy with the way things have gone. We will see what it comes out of.”

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