Sony sold 25 million PS5s – Games – News

Some issues with your assumptions here:
#1 There are definitely some PS5 exclusives that aren’t available on PS4.
#4k Because the PS5’s sole purpose is of course very short-sighted. There are many PS4 games that run at 900p and/or 30fps or less. Also in terms of image quality, one has to make decisions on the PS4, which one doesn’t have to make on the PS5 (whether they actually did, that’s an entirely different story).
#3 The PS4 is now 9 years old and it looks like it is still releasing games for it… Isn’t it likely that the PS5 will also get 9 years of games? Of course it still sounds like ground coffee, but on the one hand you argue a 7-year cycle and then cite games that were made outside of those seven years for the same console…

I don’t have a Playstation and don’t expect to buy one either (at most streaming on PS with a subscription). So, there’s no point in arguing too “for” the PS5, but… the PS4 accomplished 106 million units in 6 years. PS5 now 25 million in two years. But this is because supply is limited and demand is still more than supply. Now they doubled production in the last quarter and could produce another 100 million units at that production rate over the next four years (for a total of 150 million units in 6 years). The question, of course, is is there much demand now and much demand in the next four years? You say no, but 25 million people are way more than “everyone” in your statement…

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There is a possibility that more people will leave for the console than from the PC. The huge prices for video cards, new high-end and “middle” CPUs are already a problem in these difficult times, and, moreover, extremely high consumption, which is not a cheap joke in this energy crisis …

*returns the crystal ball to the locker*

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