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Chip developer SiFive has announced two new RISC-V processor cores, the SiFive Performance P270 and SiFive Performance P550. The second, according to the company, is the most powerful RISC-V CPU core to date and will come in an upcoming Intel 7nm CPU.

According to SiFive, the Performance P550 is the most powerful CPU core to date, with a SPECint 2006The benchmark score is 8.65 per GHz. According to SiFive, four P550 cores take up more CPU space as one ARM Cortex-A75 core, while one core provides better performance.

The core features a 13-step off-order SiFive triple-version pipeline and is based on the SiFive U84 microarchitecture. The slightly less powerful P270 has a rate of 4.6 per GHz and has an 8-step dual-version arrangement architecture. Shows hardware information That the kernel can support 64-bit operating systems.

According to Intel, the SiFive’s P550 core should become part of the company’s upcoming 7nm CPU, dubbed “Horse Creek.” According to Liliputing It is not yet known whether this means that the processor will be powered exclusively by SiFive’s RISC-V cores, or if it will be paired with Intel’s x86 cores.

Recently announced Intel is rumored to be acquiring chip maker SiFive for more than $2 billion. SiFive is in talks with advisors about what to do with this, as they may prefer to remain independent. In September last year, SiFive announced The first RISC-V computer in operationDelivery began in May of this year as a mini board – ITX.

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