“Shadow and Bone” did well on Netflix


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“Shadow and Bone” did well on Netflix

The new numbers show the serial Shadow and Bones Record well on Netflix. The first series was also the most-televised series in the United States in its second week.

a series Shadow and Bones It launched April 23 on Netflix and was created by Eric Heisserer, based on Leigh Bardugo books. The eight episodes are well received, both because of the rich world the series is set in, but also because of the tight storyline.

Shadow and BonesWatch the numbers

Deadline indicates that the series was still the most watched series in the United States in its second week. This is reported on the basis of a letter from Nielsen, which looks at the numbers streaming in each week.

And guess what? Shadow and Bones It was seen better than The Handmaid’s Tale In the week of April 26 to May 2, viewership was slightly lower in its launch week Falcon and Winter Soldier, Although the series was only available for a few days at the time.

Nielsen reviews are based on actual Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney + reviews. The numbers were released with a delay of one month.

It remains to be seen whether the series will have a second season.

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