Science Weekend at NEMO Studio 2022

Science Weekend at NEMO Studio 2022

During the Science Weekend on 1 and 2 October 2022, De Studio van Nemo Open from 12:00 to 17:30. Free admission! You must reserve a time slot. The studio is an additional location Nemo Science Museum at Marineterrein in Amsterdam. Programming specifically for adults.

Energy junkies

During the science weekend you can visit De Studio van Nemo Exhibition Energy junkies Visit for free.

Heated home, quick microwave meal, available anytime, anywhere on your phone. In our daily lives, comfort and convenience are endlessly available. But almost everything in our lives would stop if we lost one source: energy. This topic seems to have become more important than ever, both in politics and among consumers. Our energy addiction, dependence on fossil fuels and their climate consequences are central to the exhibition Nemo For adults. Read more more Energy junkies

Tomorrow's project

During the science weekend you can visit the studio truck Nemo Tomorrow's project Visit for free.

What will tomorrow's world look like? What role do science and technology play in this? Project Morgen is a journey of discovery into the future. Take a look at the world of tomorrow and discover how we get around in solar cars, are completely self-sufficient and cool our homes with algae growth. Read more more Tomorrow's project

in Tomorrow's project He works Nemo With researchers, knowledge and art partners to explore the future.

Workshop: Eat your insects

During the Science Weekend, you can visit De Studio van on Saturday 1 October Nemo Participation in the workshop is free of charge between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm Eat your bugs .

Are you curious about what insects taste like? How true are they in reality? Take our Eat your Bugs workshop and find out all about the food source of the future. During the workshop you will learn how to prepare the most delicious insect snacks yourself and how you can also start them at home.

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The workshop takes place over the Science Weekend on Saturday 1 October and has no set start time, you can join without booking between 1:00pm and 5:00pm whenever suits you.

About Science Weekend

Science Weekend is the stage of the future. On October 1 and 2, you will enjoy a live science and technology experience. Look behind the scenes at companies, institutes, universities, (research) institutions and museums in hundreds of locations across the Netherlands. on the site The most up-to-date list of participating organizations and activities is included. National Science Weekend, organized by Nemothanks to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


studio Nemo It can be found at Marineterrein in the center of Amsterdam. The site is easily accessible by bike or public transport. Parking in Marineterrein itself is not possible.

Address: Kattenburgerstraat 5, Building 027A in Amsterdam. Follow the signs from the main entrance on Kattenburgerstraat.

Read more about Accessibility.

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