Science meets humor -

Science meets humor –

Humor and science fit together like no other. Science journalist Jim Jansen says they compliment each other flawlessly. Is it all right: let him just make science journalism his profession and his brother and comedian Dolph Janssen out of humour..!

3 (!) leesfragmenten & win

Together they make this great great book – DNA to Z – WITH 26 SCIENTIFICALLY FLIGHTED TOPICS: Jim has interviewed 26 scientists and Dolph has written columns on…just about the same. In Zain we chose three letters – Cry)And T (theory of everything) in a and (yogurt) – So doubling the times of reading is six times the joy of reading! Does this taste like more? We also give some copies. Leave a comment below for a chance to win. Winners will be notified on January 5th.

More about DNA to Z

From Nobel laureates to neutrino researchers. From a zombie cell professor to a black hole specialist. In DNA to Z, twenty-six scientists who are among the best in their field talk about recent discoveries based on a letter of the alphabet. This resulted in 26 interesting interviews with science journalist Jim Jansen, followed by an astonishing 26 columns by his brother, comedian Dolph Jansen (with an occasional insight that may surprise scientists for generations to come). With contributions from, among others, Robbert Dijkgraaf, Marcel Levi, Ad Vingerhoets, Ionica Smeets, Andrea Mayer and Ivo van Vulpen. On topics such as: Antarctica, double stars, road sickness, the theory of everything and xenophobia.
DNA blueberry Z (Fontaine Publishers, 12.50 euros)

Photo above: © Bram Belloni

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