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We’re in the middle of a very rapidly changing world, and we don’t like it. People are not qualified for change, yet we expect a great deal of adaptability, especially in the workplace.

Marcia Goddard, PhD in Social Neuroscience, has conducted extensive research into the golden formula for the workplace. Its goal is actually the same as that of our podcast, which is to incorporate science into business.

Marcia’s wallpaper is very diverse. She has researched autism, growth mindset, won the Bullseye Prize in London for the most innovative use of technology, and has worked at Young Capital, Tony Chocolonely, at university and at a serious gaming company. Real centipede.

golden formula

Because of Marcia’s many experiences, she can look at all aspects in the workplace. She herself says that she can come up with a “holistic” approach. “I have the science, which means I understand theory, but I also have practical experience because I’ve worked in business. Additionally, I’ve had a role in HR leadership at Tony’s. As a result, I also have knowledge and experience with processes within HR.

It looks like a floating blanket, but it does mean that you’ll have a look at all the different elements. What are the things that we already know from the science, what does the practice say and how do we put that together and do you get the best ideas from that for a good outcome? In other words, the golden formula.

Formula 1

When Marcia worked at Young Capital, she and her clients saw two things that kept coming back. They are constant changes and exposure to high pressure. Her scientific mind began thinking “what can I do and how can I gain insight into how best to deal with it”.

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In the end, I started an investigation into the world of Formula 1. When it comes to dealing with change and working under high pressure, it is a kind of laboratory for great insights.

The golden formula has five elements. Four of the five components were extracted from this research.

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