Schumacher "kon niet zomaar verdwijnen" in slotfase Grand Prix van Amerika

Schumacher “can’t disappear” in final stage of US Grand Prix

With two rounds left of Max Verstappen and Louis Hamilton last Sunday, Mick Schumacher suddenly had a role to play in the fight for victory in Kota. Haas did his best to get out of the driving lane, but says he can’t disappear.

The United States Grand Prix was in its final stages, in which Hamilton chased Verstappen. Going a few rounds, the difference between the two was only nine tenths when Verstappen came behind Schumacher. “Can this hose guy please step aside”, the Dutchman shouted on on-board radio. With his worn hard tires, it was no fun for Verstappen to chase after seven-time world champion Haas behind him.

Blue flags

Shoemaker was shown the usual blue flags, but it took a relatively long time to get out of the way. According to the young German, there was no question of motive. “The truth is, I can’t disappear,” he later says. “I’m on the track too. I have my own race. I tried to bother Max as little as possible.”

TRS Verstappen

Verstappen got the TRS for driving behind Schumacher, which helped him keep Hamilton behind. “I think getting the TRS helped sort out the grievance. I think no one else could have done anything else in that situation. It’s part of the race.”

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