Verstappen in eight successful clubs

Verstappen in eight successful clubs

After every race in 2021, The most remarkable facts and figures at a glance. This time the best facts about the Grand Prix of America.

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Event and Participants

Observation tower near the path

Photo: Zak Mauger / Motorsport pictures

>>> was 42nd edition of the American Grand Prix It is calculated towards the Formula 1 Championship. The circuit of the United States was allowed to organize the race for the ninth time, making the circuit in Texas now run the F1 race like the Zarama and Istanbul rounds.

>>> Kimi Rக்கோikkனnen took the lead in Austin Participated in Formula 1 racing for the 345th time Thus breaking the record. Fernando Alonso follows with 329 Grand Prix participation. Rubens Pericello is third with 323 points.


Marker in the car of polar man Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB16B

Marker in the car of polar man Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB16B

Photo: Andy Hone / Motorsport pictures

>>> Max Verstappen took his 12th pole position in his Formula 1 career in Texas. With this, the Dutchman equaled the number of poles of Gerhard Berger and David Goldhardt.

>>> Verstappen’s pole object de 72ste Polar Level Van Red Bull Racing And the 89th pole for a car running on a Honda.

>>> Verstappen quickly broke Mercedes’ polar dominance in the qualifying round, which has been allowed to start from the pole every year in Austin since 2014. The last non-Mercedes in Texas was Sebastian Vettel, who drove the Red Bull in 2013.

>>> With the ninth pole of the season, Max Verstappen can already claim ownership of himself The Polar King of 2021 To call. With five more races to go, Lewis Hamilton (three poles in 2021) could not surpass Verstappen’s. Valteri Potas, Charles Leklerk (2) and Lando Norris (1) also scored this year.

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>>> For the 25th time in Formula 1 history A driver has at least nine polar positions in a season. Of the previous 24 times, 19 times the world title went to the driver in question. Five exceptions are 1973 (Ronnie Peterson), 1974 (Nicki Lada), 1984 (Nelson Bigwet), 2014 (Nico Rosberg) and 2016 (Louis Hamilton).


Max Verstappen Celebrates Red Bull Racing 1st Place At Park Firm

Max Verstappen Celebrates Red Bull Racing 1st Place At Park Firm

Photo: Zak Mauger / Motorsport pictures

>>> Max Verstappen scored in his Austin 18th Formula 1 win. This was his first Grand Prix victory in the United States. So, the Circuit of the Americas Red Bull Driver is the 14th different round to win in Formula 1.

>>> Verstappen’s success is his The eighth win of the season, Through which the Dutch have reached an important milestone. This is the 21st time a driver has won at least eight times in a season. In 19 of the previous 20 cases, the world title went to the driver in question. The only exception was 2016: then Lewis Hamilton won ten races, but Nico Rosberg won the world title. The Germans also joined the ‘Eight Clubs’ that year with nine wins.

>>> The victory in Austin gave Red Bull Racing 73rd win in Formula 1. This is the 87th F1 success for Honda as an engine supplier.

>>> The last car to run on a Honda was the 1991 American Grand Prix. Exactly thirty years ago. Then Ayrton Senna was fast at McLaren in Phoenix.

>>> Max Verstappen scored in his Texas 55th Formula 1 stage. Lewis Hamilton broke the stage record with his 177th return to the stage.

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>>> Sergio Perez was admitted to the United States 14th time Get a Formula 1 trophy equivalent to Richie Zinder’s number. Extra Strike: Both drivers hit the 14th podium finish with a starting number 11 on the Honda-powered car. The American hit his 14th F1 podium in Mexico, the Mexican did it in the United States.

>>> Thanks to Sergio Perez’s podium, Red Bull Racing is now Completed 200 podium in Formula 1 Achieved. The Austrian team is the fifth builder to reach 200 after Ferrari (777), McLaren (493), Williams (313) and Mercedes (257).

>>> In the second race in a row, Red Bull Finished on stage with two cars. Christian Horner’s team last managed to do so in 2017, when the team finished double podium in Malaysia and Japan.

>>> With his third place, Perez climbed to fourth in the World Cup rankings, resulting in Lando Norris being pushed to fifth. The McLaren driver finished in the top five in the top ten races of the season, with the exception of Spain’s GB. After the summer holidays, Britain has only once made it into the top five.

>>> Lewis Hamilton took the lead in Austin 58th time fast fold Of the race.

>>> The same Hamilton led 21 rounds in Texas. He drove it last Sunday There are more rounds present than in the previous nine races (11 rounds in total presence).

>>> Hamilton is the only rider yet All 504 racing rounds In the U.S. circuit since the Texas circuit was added to the Formula 1 calendar in 2012.

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>>> Daniel Ricciardo preceded in Austin Finished for the 33rd time in a row. This is the third best series in Formula 1 and equals the number of consecutive decisions by Lewis Hamilton (Japan 2016 to France 2018).

>>> For the first time in Alpine Texas it ended up without a car in its new F1 presence. This is the team’s first zero score after the opening game of the season in Bahrain. It was the first double DNF for the Enstone-based F1 team after the 2019 German GB, and that team raced under the Renault name.

>>> Finally, there were a lot of similarities with the first F1 race in Austin in 2012 during the US GB last weekend. An overview:

  • Red Bull 1-3 at the stage
  • Hamilton is in second place
  • Spanish-speaking driver finished in P3 (Fernando Alonso in 2012, Sergio Perez in 2021)
  • Finished on a Ferrari P4 (Felipe Massa in 2012, Charles Lecklerk in 2021)
  • A McLaren finished in P5 (Jensen Button in 2012, Daniel Ricciardo in 2021)
  • Finished a Finnish driver in the P6 (Kimi Rக்கோikkனnen in 2012, Valteri Potos in 2021)
  • Schumacher finished in P16 (Michael Schumacher in 2012, Mick Schumacher in 2021)
  • A Russian driver finished in the P17 (Vitaly Petrov in 2012, Nikita Mazepin in 2021)
  • A French driver retired on the lap 14 with suspension problems (Jean-Eric Vergne in 2012, Stephen O’Connor in 2021)

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