Netflix thinks it’s going to drive away subscribers soon

Netflix has been a streaming service for a long time, but they fear some subscribers will leave in the coming months. Read more about why below.

Late last year, we were told that some Netflix subscribers were sharing their passwords. Netflix wants to stop this, though not everyone will be happy.

The reason
Of course, while Netflix isn’t losing a lot of money, sharing passwords makes it more difficult to trace IP addresses, login locations, and account activity.

Former CEO Ted Sarandos said:This is how you set prices. Consumers may not appreciate all this, but it is necessary“.

What to expect
Sharing your password can cost you money, but when is it okay? The exact date is not yet known, but it will be soon. For example, Netflix has already implemented this system in South America, so Europe will soon follow in the first quarter of this year.

In South America, a verification code is requested and $3 per additional user. No wonder Netflix is ​​taking this step now. It is said that 222 million households share their passwords with about 100 million people.

Now that Netflix is ​​going to become too expensive for many people, there is a good chance that many will leave and switch to a newer and cheaper streaming service.

If you’re a part of it, be sure to check out the trailer below first to see if you’ll want to see all the cute things coming to Netflix in 2023.

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