Santokhi responds to the political landscape – Suriname Herald

Santokhi responds to the political landscape – Suriname Herald

President Chan Santokhi left no stone unturned in the political contest at the official launch of his party’s election campaign last night. According to him, the VHP showed strong leadership that many parties did not dare.

At the party centre, De Oliphant, VHP president said there were enough competent people in his party. Santokhi noted that he followed political developments. He believes that the parties that left behind destruction should not shout about how they will lead the country. He called on people to think carefully about who they will vote for on Election Day.

Santokhi also addressed those who no longer had courage and faith and gradually abandoned the boat along the way. They had the opportunity to start development, but failed to do so. “The VHP cannot be said to have abandoned the people.”

The party president also had a message for young and new parties. According to him, these parties promise a lot, but he wonders about their plans to develop the country. “The only thing they care about is defamation and hate-mongering.”

What political opponents are doing, according to Santokhi, is calling for ethnic grouping, while the VHP, according to him, wants everyone together. The party leader indicated that he was constantly removing the rubble under difficult circumstances. However, his party managed to achieve results. “This is orange power,” says the politician. “The government is not in a position of power to gain popularity, but to create a good foundation for the next generation,” Santokhi added.

Santokhi assured his fans that the problems in the country would be resolved. Whatever the problem, his party is doing everything it can to resolve the issues before the elections. Issues such as land issues, health care, crime, and cheap capital receive his full attention.

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