Austria will vote for the European Nature Restoration Law after all

Austria will vote for the European Nature Restoration Law after all

Austria will vote in favor of the European Nature Restoration Law on Monday. This was stated by Austrian Climate Minister Leonor Gevsler on Sunday He said In a press conference. Austria’s support increases the possibility that the law, which was passed by the European Parliament in February, will be approved by member states on Monday. Due to internal disagreement over the law’s obligations, the country had previously been unwilling to express its support.

Although Austria’s support is a step, it still standsHe pointed to a button“It is uncertain whether the law will be passed on Monday, says Goessler. The law will oblige member states to take measures that would lead to nature restoration measures in 20 percent of European land and marine areas by 2030. In particular, The idea that this would also mean further cuts in nitrogen emissions divides member states over the proposals.

By mid-May, 11 of the 27 EU member states had signed a call of Ireland to approve the new law on June 17. Among the signatories to the treaty are Germany, France, Spain and Slovenia. Some of the other 16 member states said they wanted to abstain from voting, while others objected to the law.

The Netherlands belongs to the latter group. In March, MPs Caroline van der Plas (BBB) ​​and Rosanne Hertzberger (NSC) introduced a motion to vote against. This motion was passed. The Council of Ministers had previously planned to approve the law. In the same month, research showed that although the obligations under the law lead to high costs – for the Netherlands around €76 billion until 2050 – revenues would be larger, at over €129 billion.

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