“The opposition in Sint Maarten should be very ashamed.”

“The opposition in Sint Maarten should be very ashamed.”


“The opposition in Sint Maarten should be very ashamed.”

PHILIPSBURG – The political theater that unfolded in Sint Maarten last week deserves nothing less than profound shame and indignation. The events began with a surprise move by Representative Kevin Maingret. On 20 May, he announced that he would withdraw his support for the government of Prime Minister Luc Mercelina, now leaving his party and signing a coalition agreement with the opposition parties National Alliance (NA) and United People’s Party (UP) on the same day. This quick maneuver gave them a majority in Parliament.

Editorial comment | Dick Dryer

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The speed and ease with which this happened gives the strong impression that this entire procedure had been pre-designed by Maingrette in consultation with NA and UP. This situation is a typical example of political manipulation and opportunism. However, it was Prime Minister Mercelina who managed to thwart the so-called seizure of power with a well-known counter-movement – preceded by Marcel Gumbs. While he went to the governor to offer him the resignation of his government, he immediately requested new elections. With this strategic move, the plans of NA and UP were nullified with a single stroke of the pen.

The pretext of political stability used to justify these events is a slap in the face to voters. What we see here is nothing less than a shameful game of power and ego that exposes the immaturity of Sint Maarten’s policies. Mingret’s actions, as well as those of the NA and UP, show that personal and political interests take precedence over the good of the country.

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The apology letter Maingret sent today, in which he once again expressed his support for Prime Minister Mercelina with crocodile tears, just one week after he left the ship, speaks volumes. It shows how quickly a politician can bounce back when beaten by a masterstroke.

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This letter shows not only his political ignorance, but also his appalling lack of backbone and integrity. It is clear that Maingret has allowed himself to be seen as an unreliable, opportunistic figure who lacks resolve or vision.

An added bonus is that this untrustworthy politician is now politically homeless, but this may be St. Martin’s only small gain. His downfall should serve as a warning to other politicians who think they can get away with political gamesmanship and backroom politics. This also applies to former Prime Minister Sylvia Jacobs and her followers, who have shown that their priorities lie not in serving the people, but in securing their political status and gains.

Or was it all about this:

What Sint Maarten needs is political maturity and integrity. Recent events underscore the need to rethink what politics should be: a service to the people, not a platform for personal ambitions. Voters deserve leaders who put their interests first and are committed to the country’s stability and prosperity.

It is time for Sint Maarten’s political class to grow up and take its responsibilities seriously. Only through transparency, integrity and a true commitment to the public interest will they be able to restore citizens’ trust and secure a sustainable future for Sint Maarten.

It is time for self-reflection and a fundamental change in the way politics is managed in Sint Maarten. Only then can we hope for a future in which political stability is not just an empty promise, but a reality that benefits the lives of the entire population.

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