Sambi: “Discrimination in paying wages to companies that supply food to detainees”

Sambi: “Discrimination in paying wages to companies that supply food to detainees”

ABOP MP Edgar Sambi said last Thursday that he discovered a very strange situation during the discussion of the Procurement Act 2023 regarding the delivery and payment of food to detainees in Suriname.

Because while seven companies are involved in the supply of this food, and do a good job and always submit their documents on time for payment, he said, only one of these seven companies seems to get paid from the government every month.

“The remaining six companies receive nothing monthly. But for that one company, deposits are made every month. “There is discrimination here,” the parliamentarian said.

He requested a text and clarification from the Ministry of Finance and Planning to prevent these six companies from protesting. Because, as Sambi suspects, they want to take it in a certain direction so that these six companies end the cooperation. This allows one company to get all the work.

“So one company stays alone, because that is where they want to drive the business. We don’t want that. Let the minister pay all the companies on time so that the detainees are guaranteed their food,” Sambi said.

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