Tsjalle 454 Sport Elite Preferent AAA moves to America

Tsjalle 454 Sport Elite Preferent AAA moves to America

KFPS’s youngest favorite pedigree stallion: Tsjalle 454 moves to America. He continues his career at Black Pearl Friesians in Illinois. The 15-year-old stallion from Stal de Mersken leaves behind three sons approved in the Netherlands who will take up the baton: Jehannes 484, Tymen 503 and Yme 507.

“My big friend”

It has been in the air for some time that Tsjalle 454 will make the crossing. Owner Age Okkema already hinted at this in his 2021 Stallion inspection. The stallion’s owner always called the apple of his eye “my great friend.” With his excellent character, the stallion is a family horse and has made Stal de Mereskin great, says Okema, who also said for a long time: “I would never sell him.” However, with the three adopted sons and a series of descendants, Tsjalle 454 intermarriage in the Netherlands is slowly declining. The idea is that he will get a lot of opportunities again in America. In Black Pearl Friesian, with Tiffany and Willem Vanderkooy, he will be a valuable addition to the current crop of stallions, much like his former stablemate Thorpen 466 who moved from Stal de Merskin to Black Pearl Friesian three years ago.

Huge palm trees

The Palmira Tsjalle 454 is impressive with many championships. He is the son of former champion Mintse 384 and Welmoed Fjildsicht Ster Preferent Prestatie (Brandus 345) fan. Tsjali 454 therefore comes from the same mare line as Preference Vets 293. Bred by the Wibinga family, he comes from the famous line 70, with a run of six Preference mares in his maternal line.
Tsjali 454 left his mark on education at an early age, and is among the all-time high achievers in athletic talent, especially in jogging and running. Meanwhile, Tsjalle 454 also took the Elite Sport title, based on three disciplines, where he particularly excels in the bridle. In addition to the three adopted sons, he already has 19 crown daughters and 3 model daughters. With these results, in 2019, at the age of 13, he became the youngest stallion to be declared a KFPS favourite.

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