“SBS6 should think about it.”

“SBS6 should think about it.”

Wilfred Genee’s new show on SBS6 can’t rely on Tina Nijkamp’s approval. The former SBS6 director believes that serious consideration should be given to stopping the Today Inside Oranje competition prematurely.

In the Today Inside Oranje quiz, Today Inside fans use old segments to run a quiz led by Wilfred Genee and Bas Nijhuis to determine who is the greatest Today Inside and Oranje expert. The program is causing a decline in viewership for SBS6 programmes, as Nijkamp has discovered. Apart from the viewing figures, the content of the show is also substandard, you would think.

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Nijkamp notes in her column Telegraph Common formats are often exploited. “Inside today He seems to be at that point now with daily programming Today inside the orange competition. The viewer completely ignores it, there are less than 250 thousand people watching it. This turned out to be a very good thing, and now the milking is running low. It is also modest in terms of content.

“The questions are predictable, the push button sounds are very funny, and the test feels weird because it was recorded in the same setting as Today inside Himself, and Wilfred Jenny sits in the same place. “The candidates even sit in the chairs of René, Johan, and the guest at the table,” Nijkamp writes. “It’s like you’re looking at Madame Tussauds where you can have your photo taken as a tourist in the museum.” Today insideDecor next to wax statue of Wilfred Jenney. It might have been different if it had been presented by, say, Johnny De Mol, but now that Wilfred himself is the master of the test, it also looks like a big, impressive show. Should it come out of the tube sooner? I’d consider it SBS6, because the viewing numbers aren’t just dramatic; This Brand C simply does not match Brand A Inside today“.

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The program also received strong criticism from media expert Victor Flamm on Friday. “The Today Inside Oranje Quiz is the poorest program on Dutch TV. It just scares me,” Flamm wrote of Derksen’s dog’s name. Not an exciting format (just a number of questions spread over two rounds and a kind of final). To make matters worse, Wilfred didn’t bother to pronounce the candidate’s name correctly. This was not good enough for regional radio.

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