Paul Somoharjo: “Even if I have to sell my horse, we can’t lose”

Paul Somoharjo: “Even if I have to sell my horse, we can’t lose”

“Even if I have to do it jockey Sell ​​(underpants), we can’t lose. “Indeed, with ABOP we can never lose,” Paul Somoharjo, 81, president of the Birtjajah Luhur (PL) party, said at a mass meeting on Saturday evening. It ensures that black money will not find its way into the Liberal Party, because black money is the party’s real opponent.

The Liberal Party leader stressed that he is not racist, but the fact is that Suriname has 65,000 Javanese voters and 85,000 Maronite voters. The unity of these two populations, especially ABOP and PL, is very important. Ultimately, Suriname must win.

“Then you also have non-Javanese people as added value. Ifi gado de nanga unu, who will be against us? We have proven that PL is strong. Unu no de nanga piki-piki-pley. From now on we will walk hand in hand for the people. And no one may divide us.” Mi casa na su casa. Ronnie casa in mi casa. I know Brunswick, we are friends. “Even if we part ways with politics, our friendship will always remain,” Sumoharjo stressed, who also appealed to the prosecution to investigate where the black money was invested.

The politician stated that he longs to return to the times of Jagarnath Lachmun, Ram Sardjoy, Johan Pengel and Ronald Venetian. “The time of broad base, fraternization, shanti politics, rest assured that everything will work out, ready, ready, stability, stability. Will those times return? Yes those days return. But it depends on us. It depends on ABOP/PL. If he wins ABOP/PL, we will decide who will be in the government. I do not want any djugudjugu, no opposition or coalition, but I want peace in Suriname.

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All parties, whether small or large, that receive a mandate from the people must join the government. Come and take responsibility. If that is not possible, I would like a two-thirds majority. I don’t want to win 26 or 28 seats. I want all the people to win. “Not ABOP or PL, but Suriname should win,” Somoharjo said.

Banji Source: The Hizb ut-Tahrir member does not agree that political parties that have enough seats should go to the opposition seats. Even if they only get the position of deputy minister, they must belong. According to him, the trade union movement should also participate.

“Not just strike, strike. In fact, ABOP and PL have already reached the final! And you know my mentality and Brunswick’s mentality. We are not going for a consolation prize. We are going for gold, silver or bronze. If elections are held tomorrow, we will be back in government,” Sumoharjo said. …with a lot of authority.”

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