Samsung Neo QLED QN95B Review

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B Review


The Neo QLED QN95B is Samsung’s best 4K model of 2022, which is still positioned above the S95B with QD-oled. The TV especially shines with its very high brightness, which is ideal for those who like to watch in a well-lit room. Thanks to the micro-grid LED backlight, contrast is also good, although the TV should recognize its versatility over competing OLED models.

It’s time again: summer has begun! And with summer comes a recurring experience for many of us: the lighting in the living room is actually too bright to enjoy watching TV. Samsung’s best model from the 4K range, Samsung New QLED QN95B, may offer a solution. This TV promises high light output and high contrast, thanks to improved mini LED backlighting, a wide color gamut, comprehensive gaming features and a comprehensive sound system.

The Samsung New QLED QN95B It is an upgraded version of Samsung New QLED QN95A since last year. Many specs match and the new model also uses an external One Connect box. Important features have been added, such as Bluetooth 5.2 and Dolby Atmos support. Significant changes have also been made to the foot and aft design.

QN95B is available in multiple sizes. In this review, we’re looking at the 55-inch model, but the TV is also available in 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch sizes. Suggested retail prices are steep, ranging from €2,699 for the 55-inch model to €5,999 for the 85-inch version. Fortunately, we see lower starting prices on Pricewatch: €1,800 for the 55-inch model and €4,360 for the 85-inch version at press time. That’s still a lot of money, but it’s comparable to high-end (OLED) TVs in the competition. Samsung also has an OLED TV on its show for the first time this year: Samsung OLEDS95Bwhich uses the new QD OLED panels. Although many manufacturers place OLED at the top of their model range, Samsung places the QN95B discussed in this review above the OLEDS95B. We haven’t tested the latter yet, but we hope to change that soon.

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