Russian bomber destroyed off front line • Drones cause minor damage around Moscow

Russian bomber destroyed off front line • Drones cause minor damage around Moscow

The commander of Russia’s Wagner mercenary army, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has released a video for the first time since his failed uprising against the Russian army leadership at the end of June. The pictures indicate that Prigozhin is in Africa.

According to various foreign media outlets that rely on the Telegram channels of the Wagner Group, the video was shot in the Sahel region. Chief Wagner says, among other things, that he will make Russia bigger in Africa and invites volunteers to join him.

Prigozhin in a camouflage suit is standing in a desert area with a rifle in his hand. More militants and a pickup truck can be seen in the background.

Reuters news agency says it has not been able to verify the date of the video, but Prigozhin’s comments and some reports in pro-Wagner channels indicate that the video was filmed in Africa.

“The temperature is above 50 degrees and everything is going according to plan. Wagner will make Russia bigger on all continents, including Africa. We are fighting for justice and happiness for the African people, and we will make the life of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other bandits a nightmare,” Prigozhin says in the video. “.

He goes on to say that Wagner is recruiting people. The video is accompanied by a phone number for those who wish to join the group.

The future of Wagner and Prigozhin is unclear since he led a brief uprising against the Russian army and the Kremlin in late June. Many Wagner fighters have been exiled to Belarus since the rebellion.

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