Robbie Hackman went to America for treatment of his head tumor

Robbie Hackman went to America for treatment of his head tumor

A special season awaits Robbie Hackman. The 32-year-old Eindhoven resident announced on Instagram on Saturday that he will be moving to Houston in the US next Tuesday. There he is being treated for a tumor in his head.

Kickboxer Robbie Hackman’s life ended in 2019 after a scan revealed he had a brain tumour. After a long process with surgery and chemotherapy, the doctors in the Netherlands could no longer help him. He is expected to live up to five years. So Robbie turns to a specialist in the US for treatment that could extend his life by thirty years.

The full amount is yet to come
Treatment in Houston costs about 475,000 euros. Immediately Crowdfunding campaign 192,000 euros have already been collected. But a substantial amount has also been paid directly to the foundation. Additionally, the money came during his farewell match in Eindhoven on May 20. The full amount is not yet available, but he is going to the US.

“Now that it’s still school holidays, my family will come with me. I will have to go back often, so for the first time they will help me. My short-term memory is not good, my wife Chantal can be. My listening ear until then. We will leave, and in America I will take care of my body as much as possible. Will keep fit, our prayers have been answered. Houston, what a problem?”

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