Resident Evil Village premium review

Resident Evil Village premium review

the new vampire Will be released in two days at the time of this video. The advantage we have in Gamekings is that we are often allowed to play games a little earlier. JJ and Skate were the lucky ones to test the game and are going to give you their verdict in this video. They won’t tell you anything about the whole story, which is still a very difficult task, because everything in Resident Evil Villlage is a story. But they’ll take you on their journey anyway. And what we can actually reveal: the two like the game. Enjoy with Resident Evil Village Premium review

Everything is just fine?

Resident Evil Village is the logical sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Ethan is happy with his wife Mia and lives the good life. But, as you already feel, there are also some things that go wrong. There is no mention of the horror from the previous game, Ethan is anxious, but soon distance prevails between the couple. We won’t spoil what happened next, but the shit hits the fan and Ethan has to get back on the road to save someone. As befits Resident Evil, you’ll encounter loads of werewolves, play with firearms and jump into your journey. Are you curious about what will happen next? Quickly check out our Resident Evil Village Premium review.

Plot to enjoy

Like we said, it’s very hard not to spoil the storyline of this game. It is known that you have to look for your daughter. There is also something wrong with your spouse, but it should not be discussed for the above reasons. You meet some intermediate species, enter the castle and the frightening can start. One thing we will tell you before watching the video is this. If you’ve played the demo and think you already know everything, you can wet your chest. You haven’t seen anything yet ..

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If JJ is excited, and he’s here, he can sometimes go overboard. Only Resident Evil 7 is currently in Game Pass and the PS Plus set.

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