Quinn and Sander will not be heard immediately on Radio 538|  Displays

Quinn and Sander will not be heard immediately on Radio 538| Displays

A Talpa spokesperson confirmed to this site that Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga will no longer be heard immediately on Radio 538. On Thursday afternoon, the two announced they would be switching to JOE, DPG Media’s new radio station.

Denis de Kooning and Denis Janssen

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10-23-01, 16:49

The lunch program that Quinn prepared every working day between 12pm and 2pm will be replaced by Nick van der Bruggen’s program in the near future. De Queen and Sander Show Friday will be temporarily filled with Frank Dane’s program. A Talpa spokesman said: “They could no longer be heard immediately.” Sander Lantinga’s voice can still be heard on Radio Veronica at the moment.

Talpa’s decision cannot be seen separately from the duo’s surprise transfer. Swijnenberg and Lantinga made the announcement Thursday To move to JoeWhere they will again work on radio in the morning for five days. The DJs start date will be announced later. New atmosphere in Holland. Since September 1, the channel has been DPG Media’s second channel, after Qmusic, presenting the best songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. It was previously announced that Dennis Ruyer will take over from 10am to 1pm on JOE. This means that programming until lunch is known.

Swegnenberg previously said he was “very happy” with the move. “After nearly twenty years of sitting in the car working with the listener, we will wake up with them on JOE. We look forward to building the channel with a new enthusiastic team!” Lantinga believed it was time for a new adventure. “We will do what we have always loved to do at JOE : Doing a daily show with the two of us. I am very happy and proud that we can contribute to the station.

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