Druk op Andrew neemt toe

Pressure mounts on Prince Andrew: Joe Biden wants to hand over to US

The pressure on Prince Andrew is mounting. Joe Biden has asked to be deported to the United States to investigate sexual abuse.

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Rare Report Joe Biden

President Joe Biden’s office released a rare statement claiming to be frustrated by Andrew’s opposition. The Sun Report.

U.S. prosecutors, who are unpacking Epstein’s case, have accused Andrew of not cooperating last year. The prince is said to have opposed attitudes toward cooperating in criminal investigations against Jeffrey Epstein and his conspirators.

Force Andrew to cooperate

Lawyers want Britain to reaffirm the sharing of evidence. The judiciary sent a request to the State Department last year to force Andrew’s cooperation. In the case of Epstein, Andrew is said to be an “interested party.” He is considered at least one witness.

Virginia Quefre

Prince Andrew was also charged with sexually abusing Virginia Quefray. Andrew Kiefre denies all the allegations, saying the prince abused himself about 20 years ago when he was a teenager.

He says he has “no memory” of the meeting with the woman, while there are photos of him holding hands on Andrew’s waist. Earlier this month, an American raped her.

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