Mr.  Bean goes to America

Mr. Bean goes to America

With his character Mr. Bean holds gold for British comedian Rowan Atkinson. Because Bean does not speak murmurs, his jokes are understandable to non-English speaking people.

That too is one reason for this series Mr. Bean them It is still popular after about thirty years. In 1997, Mr. Bean more popular than ever. The series ended in 1995, but with so many comebacks no one had to lose their favorite British bumblebee.


A great moment for a movie about Mr. Bean. In front Bean Rowan Atkinson once again put out the best comedies of the series.

He co-wrote with Richard Curtis (author) Four weddings and funeral, Notting Hill On Really love) A series of new jokes. They created a story around it. The bean offers a lot of opportunities to bend around.

The director of the museum, Mr. Bean works as an assistant and wants to keep Clutts as far away as possible from expensive works of art. Otherwise it will only cause damage.

When someone on a trip to Los Angeles has to represent the museum, the director immediately knows who to send: Mr. Bean.

Rowan Atkinson

Mr. Mr. Bean. Bean would not exist if he could not find a way to shake up Los Angeles. Bean The film was as successful as the series itself.

In fact, it was the first film to gross $ 100 million before being screened in the United States. In the end, the counter got stuck in a good 250ml.

Despite that success, Rowan Atkinson will take a long time to crawl back into the skin of his famous character. Mr. Beans is on vacation Appeared in 2007. Ten years later Bean And so on.

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